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If you are not happy with conventional medical answers
try something called CEDS....not sure what it stands for
but in my country it's a new way of being tested for what
ails you...non invasive & very thorough. Quite a few of my
family members & I swear by this method of looking into
your health issues. For instance they can tell you if you are
suffering from hormonal  probs, heavy metals in your body,
parasite probs, bacterial or virus issues...all kinds of stuff.
The fellow I go to has a very special machine that can scan
 your body (it came from Russia & there's only about 20 of
these machines in Australia.
My daughter inlaw was going from doctor to doctor & no-one
could give her a diagnosis except this fellow who does this
CEDS thing. She had all kinds of health issues which ended up
with her having seizures that went on & on any time of the day
or night, she couldn't drive or work, she had no energy, her
whole way of life was affected. Since doing the CEDS thing
the seizures are practically gone, she can drive & work, she
 has energy to get out into her garden again!
You would be suprised what parasites can mimic in your body
or what side effects from medical drugs can do to your body
or what heavy metals can's a big eye opener!!


Hello, I'm glad your daughter in law got helped, but none of us really can read minds so how are we supposed to find out anything about

this fellow who does this
CEDS thing

Another thing, it might surprise you a whole bunch, but there are really really many people who do realize that parasites in your body are harmful and that heavy metals could potentially kill you. As far as the side effects of medications are concerned, look here
Please, maybe at least give us the meaning of the CEDS acronym so we can find out what is.