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So I don't know if I'm allergic to my Chapstick. It was this cheap Walgreens one my mom bought. I put it on Sunday I think and now it's Thursday. So when I put it on it helped but I have a bad habit of picking at my lip right? So that's what I did. And then the next day it looked fine but I don't remember checking it and I liked the smell of it so I added a bit more. Then the next day like I check the mirror and I had these horrible bumps and a hole in my lip and that never happened to me before. I was sick at the time and my mouth was hurting for a while. Like the whole inside of my mouth. So I added more Chapstick. Then today there was this clear liquid coming out of it and it started burning so I whipped my mouth off but only made it worse. And now the inside of my mouth is all swollen and it has cut marks that I randomly got. I washed my mouth with mouth wash and the swelling went down and I put in my Chapstick to stop the stinging. It's Thursday right now and they still have clear liquid coming out and I don't know what to do. My mouth is swollen and my bottom lip. I don't pick my top lip so nothing happened. I have these giant bumps and it's never happened to me before. It hurts and so does the inside of my lip and I don't know if I'm allergic or it's just me being sick cause this has never happened. Last night on New Years when we at the grapes I couldn't cause it was literally burning my skin. I can't eat and water stings too. I don't know what wrong or what so do.


Hi Molly,

It's possible that you are allergic to the inexpensive chapstick.  When you bite on your lip you open the blood system (capillaries).  That may have allowed some of the chapsick to enter along with bacteria.  This may have caused a local immune response generating local inflammation.  This probably spread to the inside of your mouth.  I suggest you get some tripble antibiotic cream or ointment to put on your lip (over the counter).  That should spread internally to help with the soreness in your mouth.  It may take several days to see improvement but you should be all right after that.  It's not good to bite on your lips but I know that some people have this habit.  Best of luck to you.