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Dear Reader,

I’m an author in the process of researching the possible allergic reactions and possible addictions of Chapstick and other LipBalm type products for a book that I am writing.

If you have ever, or know someone who has had an allergic reaction or addiction with these types of products, and would like to be interviewed please contact me.

Chris at
Chris Vaughn, author

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I've had an allergic reaction to chapstick, it's soo horrible


I have had several reactions to different allergic reactions to chapsticks, lip balms and what not. Within the past year (give or take a few months) I have used and had reactions to blistex, aquafina, and another kind of lip balm. My lips break out in a rash of some sort. It's just a lot of little pimple-like bumps. The rash is also accompanied by swelling. My top lip always seems to be worse than my bottom lip though. To 'counteract' it I just use lip gloss since I have yet to get an allergic reaction to any glosses. It usually goes away within 3 days to a week. As far as I know it isn't extremely dangerous to my health but I am very curious as to what is causing this reaction. I'd be glad to help with this experiment if it helps me in any way.