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I have been diagnosed with bipolar. I am having a hard time believing it.
Is it normal for me to think the world is coming to an end when a girl breaks up with me? This is what sent me to the hospital for the first time. I had taken a large dose of Xanax to help me sleep (I had slept but a few hours in a month). The Xanax helped me sleep, but then put me in a rage, which I don't remember. I want to think the Xanax is what made me crazy.

I also get paranoid and think at times everyone is looking at me and laughing. As a young boy I was sure people were paid to like me. I am physically disabled. Am I maybe paranoid because I am physically disabled with CMT?

I have a hard time with rage as well. I get mad at the drop of a hat. I get on a topic that annoys me and I don't stop. I will go on for days. I wonder if some of that is caused by my prior alcohol abuse.


i dont know but i'm bipolar to and so is my friend andrew i'm gina btw