I am 14 years old, and around 5'6 (66inches) I weigh around 143.6 ish... (That is the weight I came in as after school but I had ate breakfast and a apple for lunch so I might weight less) is this over weight for my age? I am trying to recover from my mild anorexia and its just getting worse I want to go back to restricting, but not sure if I can I am pretty active I work out 30 minutes a day and eat healthy yesterday I didn't work out for 30 minutes yet I did dance and get my heart rate up for a while and I ate a dark chocolate Reese's peanut butter cup so that's bad the only thing is is that I weighed 140.6 last Friday but I comsumed alomst everything last weekend for I gained like 4 pounds back how can I loose this weight and more with out restricting? And am I over weight?