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I'm 13 years old. i'm around 160 pounds and i'm '5'0' my mom recently had a sergery too loose weight and now me and her are around the same weigh im deppresed because its embarassing. i want to loose weight i walk 20 mitutes each daay from and back to school and i have p.e every other day and almost every thursay or friday we run the mile . i do all that i hardly don't drink soda and i cut back on eating chip i hardly eat because i don't eat at school i eat when i get home at 3 and eat around 7 or 8 or sometimes 6 . i hate being this fat i was a size 7 now im a size 11 going to 13 ! i hate this i want too loose weight i wanna weight 130 something or 120 . something i think ill feel better i hate being caallled fat. i have a crush how i know will never go out with my cuss im fat ! i cant hit on the people i like cuss im fat ! i hate this i will do anything too lose this weight please ! please ! help me ! please <3 C: and i also have my 15 comming in 2012 in febuary i want to be fit c: i w3anna be slim please help me ! please _[removed]_


I weighed 273 lbs. a year ago and now weigh 170 because I ate 6 meals a day. a small breakfast, a small snack(wheat thins, fruit, veggies), a medium size lunch, a small snack same as above, and then a bigger dinner, a small snack same as above. Eating 6 small meals a day keeps you from feeling hungry and binging. eat Eat every 2- 3 hrs during the day. This even without excersize will help you lose the weight you want to lose. If you have any other questions or want more details about the plan just send me a message either here or to my email if you want _[removed]_

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