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Me and My Boyfriend Had Sex On Auqust 8, 2010 . He Was Practically Drunk and I Didnt Want Him To Do Somethinq Wiff Another Female , While Drunk && Not Remember Or Have Sex Wiff Me A Day After . While We Were Havinq Sex , He Kept Tellinq Me That He Was Gonna Bust In Me , So I Made Him Put On A Condom . The Condom Broke When He Tried To Put It On So We Comtinued To Have Sex . He Aqain Was Tellinq Me He Was Goinq To Bust In Me And I Told Him Not To But Seeinq That He Was Drunk He Let That Get The Best of Him . Eventually He Came , And He Pulled Out Too .. But It Felt As If He Came In Me Already Before He Pulled Out . He Wasnt Sure Either . A Day After , I Told Him What Happened And He Told Me He Doesnt Remember Anythinq From That Niqht . All He Remembered Was That He Passsed Out In My Bed . It Is Now Auqust 28, 2010 . I Usually Get My Period From The 24 To The 3 Of The Next Month . I Havent Gotten My Period Yet . Can This Mean Im Preqnant ?

I Got A Little Scared And Took A At Home Pregnancy Test Yesterday . It Came Out Positive . This Is Why Im Freakinq Out Now . Im 16 And In No Condition To Have Or Take Care Of A Baby . I Have No Money For An Abortion Either But If Im Preqnant I Want To Have One . My Family Wont Take It Well So Im Not Tellinq Them Yet . Not Until I Take Another Test and Get Checked By A Doctor . Ive Been Told That Drinkinq / Eatinq Alot Of Citrus Thinqs And Deep Abdominal Massaqe And Blows To The Abdomin Can Induce A Abortion / Miscarriqe .

Please !! Any Help . Please Don Critisize Me Either . I Know I Shouldnt Of Did What I Did So You Dont Need To Tell Me . Thankss :-) .


Firstly, g and q are totally different, and wiff is spelt with. How irritating.

Secondly, if you dont tell someone it will just make you paraniod. You need to tell someone you trust.

Are you kidding? Do you know how dangerous that is! What if you drink an drink and it doesnt cause an abortion/misscarriage? Your baby will be damaged. It will be YOUR fault. You would have made your child disabled!!! Not only that, you will be damaging yourself. It totally neglect and if you even try that you dont deserve a baby.

To me your "boyfriend" took advantage but you let him so its again your own fault.

Like you wrote - go to the doctor. GET THE RIGHT HELP. Dont take it into your own hands.