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I had my IUD removed on January 4th. I started my period the next day and it lasted until the 10th. I had intercourse after the 10th. I feel like I am having pregnancy symptoms. I felt nauseated a few times and just in the last few days, my nipples are very sore. Also, I have been eating more than usual. Is there a good chance I could be pregnant?


There is a chance. I can't say if its a "good chance."

The timing is close. If you ovulated around the 18th then probably not. Sperm can live up to about 5 days in your body. The egg only lives 24-48 hours. It needs to get fertilized during that period. If it does, you're pregnant. If not, well, your not.

It all depends on when you ovulated and how viable his sperm are.

Hope it helps. I don't think my answer is was what you were looking for.