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Hello, like i said im 14 and my birthday is in 2 months. Ok , well , ive had leg and arm hair since probably 8 . I do grow pubic hair at an ok rate, and i barely have any armpit hair, which doesnt bother me, i barely started growing a , i guess you can call it a beard. Ive had a mustache since a kid i guess probably since 10. But my concerns are that i still have a baby face and my face is been clear, but in 3rd grade my face was full of acne but they told me cause of junk food , my voice hasnt deepened, and my nipples arent normal i guess, like i dont have the nip popping out like other guys. Plus my penis size flaccid is 2 in. And erect about 4.8 in. I was wondering if my face is gonna leave the baby part of it , if my voice is gonna deepen a little bit, i know about my nipple problem a doctor can do something about it cause ive read articles on the internet. And about my penis , is it gonna grow more? Im about 5"4 150 lbs (i was athletic and bulky but havent worked out since last may and have gained about 12 pounds since) Mom is about 4"8 Dad about 5"8-5"9 Am i doing good?


Hi Esteban,

You're doing fine.  You will probably hit a growth spurt in the next year or two and gain some more inches quickly.

It's normal to not have much armpit hair.  It often doesn't come in until 15-16.

Your penis can grow into your early 20's.  4.8" is very close to average for an adult - a new study indicates that is 5.1".

You'll likely get some acne, not everyone does, and your face will become more "adult" looking over time.

Basically, changes take time.  They don't all happen at once and everyone is different.

You appear to be developing normally.

Hope it helps.