My home town has always been well, screwed up. I could find you anything from speed to heroin to Xanex to Adderall and even LSD or X. Almost everyone in my hometown does drugs, and under that everyone smokes weed. A friend of mine has been selling Adderall XR and just ran out for the week, I had my girlfriend buy 8 on tuesday (She took one between 11:45 and 12:45 along with two other friends of mine I took my first one at 2:45 and then snorted another one before sex before knowing the effects of Amphetamine and erectile dysfunction) and me and her had two the first day we got them and did 1 and a half each in a line before school yesterday, that day she bought more (i took a Hydrocodone at 11:20 and another Adderall at 1:45 and my girlfriend did the same) all last night we stayed up discussing the drug and how we felt about it. I realized that over the course of two days with no sleep and about 3 days without eating I looked like a crack head, and my girlfriend lost more than 6 pounds in under a week. The first thing I told her when we saw each other today is that if we ever take pills we must wait a week to do the same pill again to avoid addiction. Now a couple of my friends have been binging on it (like I was before I decided amphetamines were worse than almost anything I've ever tried before) for a couple days now, and i wanted to know how long you can go until you are addicted.