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Hi, i'm not sure really what happened, but i think i poked myself in the right testicle.. i can run..i can kick..sometimes when i walk, it hurts, i think its where the testicle joins to a tube running around it, because i poke there and it hurts.
Its been like this since a day ago when this happened. When i move my right testicle around it hurts. I'm just wondering if its really serious, because i don't think its getting any better maybe its just me being paranoid I would appreciate your help. Thanks for your time


I think that if the pain doesn’t go away for the next few days that you should see an urologist.
Testicular injury/trauma may be serious. The first symptom of trauma is pain and if it doesn’t subside it should be evaluated. However, pain can occur if any of the scrtal parts have been injured.
Sometimes blood resulting from an injury may accumulate and lead to infection, which further damages testicles and may even lead to infertility. If the blood flow to the testicle has been impaired, testis may start to shrink eventually and may have to be removed.

I am not trying to scare you, I am just writing down about the possible consequences of testicular trauma and injury, so that you know and realize importance of seeing a doc if other symptoms occur or if the pain persists.