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HI I am really happy to see this website.

           I have a small question. My anxiety and stress is beyond words. the only reason for this is i dont want to do an Air travel but i am forced to do it in another 30 days. can someone tell me if my chest tightness and body pain in my upper back is very very painfull then will i stop breathing in the plane and die, coz i dont wanna die like this. i can handle all this chest tightness and pain like cake walk on ground.

can you soem one answer me?


Hi Psmd,

What is causing your chest tightness and body pain?

If it's only anxiety that you are worrying about, worst case, you'd probably pass out.  You will keep breathing, it's automatic, and then wake up.  Anxiety attacks are often frightening but seldom fatal.

You can also get medication to help you through this.  See your doctor.

Good luck.