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Hi girls, how are the things?

I would like to hear any success stories on weight loss with the blood type diet.

Who told you for this diet? Do you have any list of groceries and food to eat and food to avoid? Does this diet and the book by Dr D ' Adamo make sense or not? Do you have this book? Is it useful or should I follow this diet without it?

I know I have asked to many questions, but I have so little information. So, if you have some good things to say to me :) , please let me know.



What's up?

According to this book, you will not only lose weight when you eat the right food for your blood type, but also you can eliminate a lot of healthy problems, digestive problems, arthritis, migraines, you can prevent cancer as well. You can find a very long list of all great things that this diet can do to help you.

Amazon reviews are amazing as well, people are satisfied with this diet and they will suggest you to buy this book.

You should ask your doctor for his opinion and see what will happen. It is ok diet, but it is not for everyone.

Trust me.