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anyone tried this?

Based on my blood type, I am supposed to eat a meat, but I am quite opposite and I prefer vegetables and fruits. Also, I disagree with some tips and advice I found on the internet. Of course, a diet is a personal matter, but I was like OMG when I saw a list of groceries that I am allowed to eat and avoid for my blood type.

On the other hand, this diet encourages people of all blood types to eat more fresh food, such as vegetables and fruits, and to stay away from processed food.

Does anyone have any positive or negative experience with this diet?

Please, share your experience with us.

Thank you!


Hi there,

No I haven't yet tried this diet because I still don't know my blood type. I know that it is not hard to find out, but I must say that I am too lazy.

My sister is an A positive blood type, but she is not so satisfied with this diet. There are so many things on the grocery list that she can't eat because she is allergic.

I think she went to consult with her doctor, and he told her that there is a solution for that problem. But I don't know what is that solution.

I'm curious what other people with similar experience have to say.

Best wishes!



Hi guys,

I was following Eat according to your blood type diet and it actually works! I highly recommend this diet program to everyone. When I read the book I was so impressed with doctor D'Adamo and his research. It is simple, logic and the most important – effective.

This diet gives you insight at your natural health. That's why this diet is so amazing.

If you are wondering do I still follow this diet my answer is no! I found some other diet that I liked, and I tried it.  

But still, Eat according to your blood type was the best for me so far!

Good luck!