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Hello guys,

I wonder, could eating a diet meal  based on my blood type help me lose unwanted pounds? Is it true that people with different blood types need to consume different foods, vegetables, fruits and drinks? Who can help me with this? My doctor or someone else?  If there is a diet based on my blood type, where I can find it? What can I eat and what can I drink? Is it safety and healthy? What is a difference between menu for 0 and the other blood types?

I'm curious what other people with similar experience have to say. Please people, post your opinions. 


Hello there,

It's true – people with different blood types will need to eat and avoid different food. Type 0 is the oldest bloodline ever, so basically 0 blood type diet is based on providing nutrients. I know that you need to eat fish, vegetables, and beans every day. Also, you have to exercise to be sure that calories are burned very effectively. I don't know where you can find a menu, but I think that you can find it online. Or ask your doctor, that is the best option! Once you learn what to eat, your blood type will determine your shopping list, trust me.

Good luck!