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I was wondering did anyone doing Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type diet here? Anyone has eaten according to their blood type and only food that is recommended in the book? What is your experience? What were the results? Are you satisfied with this eating plan and program?

Can you share any tips with us here? Did you lose weight and did you feel better after this diet?

Is it effective and healthy?

I want to know an answer to these questions because my sister wants to try this diet and she is anemic.

Do you have any advice for us?

Thank you!


Hello there,

I have tried this diet. It is also known as the body type diet that asserts specific optimal diets exist for each of four blood types.

It is really popular, and a lot of people will tell you that this is the healthiest diet to follow.

I must say that this diet does not fit for my personality, basically because I don't eat soy and I am allergic to peanuts. But, Dr D'Adamo suggests that for my blood type. So, what am I supposed to eat?

Anyway, each blood type diet includes sixteen food groups, and these groups are divided into 3 categories - neutral, highly beneficial and avoid.

If you can stick with it, then this is the right diet for you!

Good luck!




If your mom is anemic that might be a problem because she needs to cut out some groceries that might be good for her blood and immunity.

But, I am not an expert, so I can't answer on your questions. If she considers to follow this diet, visiting her doctor is a first option. Maybe the only option!

Sure you can lose your weight and I believe this is one very healthy diet because experts and doctors follow your progress.

If she start following this diet, I recommend that you tell her to buy a book.

But nothing without doctor's approval!

Good luck!