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Are pimples on your Genitals normal? Im bout sixteen still virgin, but im getting genital pimples im hoping its not a std cause where would i come from?

I got one about 2-4 months ago not sure when, i started happening after i started school, i am using an electric sheet for heat this winter(Minnesota/Canada style winters) its been really cold outside most of the 2-4 months (10 degrees) but i get alot of pimples on my back/neck too.

But anyway these things look just like pimples on your face and they pop like them, you know the white paste/puss type stuff. Then they bleed lot, 2-3 days latter....gone? Im very confused %-) :-(

I need to know if this is normal? Its only my second (pimple) so im worried bout if its a disease.

Can anybody help!!!!!



yes, of course. that was an awful memory.