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My mother is so headstrong and I always have a big discussion with her. She is really old, but she wants to lose weight. It is funny, but she has a boyfriend and she wants to look nice for him. Now, she has some extra pounds, but I blame metabolism for that issue. She is totally different. She wants to try some diet program and some lady from neighborhood told her to try this silly 4 – 3 – 2- 1 diet program. I don’t know what to tell her.

She wants to know are there any foods that are forbidden if you follow this diet program. Please, whatever you know, let me know it as well.

Thank you!  


Good afternoon,

Of course. Like every other diet program, this one has some groceries and ingredients that are forbidden as well. So, you can’t eat bread, potatoes, pasta and all other aliments which can stimulate your appetite. Of course, you must avoid junk food  fast food. As long as you eat healthy, you will not have many problems with following some diet program.

I know how hard our mother can be, but if she is in love :) you need to understand her. You need to be her biggest support :) I know it can be really hard :D

Have a nice day! 




One very important fact is that you should always, but always prefer raw aliments as well, or those who are very, very less processed. That is the key of this diet program as well. So, if you want to processed your food, it is allowed only home made food, not else. So, salami, sausages, sweets, semi prepared foods, powder puree, juices are totally forbidden. The list can be very long, but if you have good will to follow this diet program, you will be able to do that. Otherwise, you should avoid it. Or your mother, it doesn’t matter who wants to follow it.

Good luck :)




Hey there,

Thank you very much. I will let her know about those facts. I understand, but she is very silly for me. Never, in her whole life, she was not on any diet program. Now, something is different :) LOL, she is cute :)

The main problem is because I think that she is not so big fan of raw food, she loves something that is boiled or cooked. I will tell her, without fighting with her, and let her make decision is that what she wants. I hope not, because she is healthy :)

Thank you girls, you are great support.