I once took 2000 mgs of vitamin C and nearly died. Could not hold water down, violent vomiting and diarrhea until nothing was left. Fever, chills, sweating, loss of muscle control, then I fainted. Same thing happened when I took magnesium citrate (I took 1/4 of the bottle and not 1/2 - full bottle like they suggested.) One of the side effects they so matter of factly mention is coma...and even death!! Makes you wonder if all this vitamin C hype for fighting colds/diseases is just BS! Remember, the FDA allowed ads back in the day that said smoking was "good for you" too. Think of every thing that was once "good" now coming to light in these "new studies" that show new scientific evidence that it's detrimental to your health. Gauge by your own personal experience with supplements and don't listen to these quack modern medicine practitioners! Even simple oranges and lemons broke me out in mouth sores INSIDE my mouth, herpes-like symptoms, etc. Also, vitamin C also raises estrogen levels. Better think twice before more than a tiny amount of it.