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Hello, my friends. My wife and I are a mess. We have just got a wonderful baby, but we don’t know a clue about it. This is our first child. We don’t know when to feed him, bath him, etc. I would like to know how to act. Can you give me some advice? I will appreciate it.


Hello. I know what you mean. My wife and I were in the same position. But we had a lot of help from my and my wife’s parents. We also had help from our friends who had older kids. Other people’s experiences can be very helpful in these situations. Feel free to ask your friends with older kids for an advice about newborns. I hope you will manage. Good luck with all! Bye!


Hello! I understand how you're baby is three weeks old. Luckily I did have some experience in the past with infants. Here's what I know.

Your baby will find a way to tell you what she needs....whether she's hungry, tired, needs a diaper change, etc. Some actually have different cries for each occasion. My baby will eat anything that comes relatively close to her mouth when she's hungry. She will actually open up mouth and start fishing. When she's tired...she just gets! You will learn quickly how to pick up her signs.

But the best advice I can give you is....

If she's hungry...feed her.
If she's tired.....put her to sleep.
If it's a dirty/wet diaper....change it immediately (suprisingly you can actually smell baby pee).
Talk to her.
Sing to her.
Kiss her frequently.

Give your baby whatever she needs or wants at that moment. There is no such thing as spoiling newborn.

When it comes to are actually supposed to 'sponge' bath your newborn until the belly button falls off. Fill one bowl with warm water...and add some Johnsons baby wash. Fill another bowl with just warm water. We use washcloths, which work fine. We found that bathing in sections seem to work the best as the baby will get cold being naked that long. Leave her clothed and start with the legs. When finished with legs, cover with blanket and continue with next body part....making sure to cover her as you go. I also find the use of her binky very useful during bath times.

I would also recommend getting a couple swaddlers (you can get these at any drug store or target). It keeps the babys arms close during sleep, and actually helps the baby sleep more soundly. I swaddle my baby every evening (she always sleeps at least 5 hours...once she slept 7)...and then again during her 'big' afternoon nap (which she sleeps for around 3 hours). During her morning and afternoon powernaps, I do not swaddle her. It is also beneficial in the fight against SIDS.

I don't know about you, but I used to have a hard time sleeping at night with all the noises new babies make while they sleep. I always feared the baby would spit up...and because they HAVE to sleep on their back, I was always jumping up at every noise to make sure she wasn't aspirating! If you google Dex Products you will come across wedge products. I would recommend the less extreme of their products. I sleep much better now, as she is still on her back, but is very slightly inclined...and has a wedge on both sides of her to prevent rolling.

I also recommend getting a Boppy Pillow....(it's a horseshoe shaped pillow which fits around you and your wife's waist while feeding). It puts less strain on your arms. The baby can also sit/lay in there...which will really help with neck strength.

Enjoy every moment you have with your baby. They will grow up WAY too fast!

Good Luck!