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Hi i have asperger syndrome and it does affect my life

I can be nervous around people and it makes me look a pratt especially around kids (reason being i have been in a lot of fights) i'm diffrent to other kids and they all call me a spastick and gay

Its depressing what should i do?

ps i talk to my mom about it


another thing is what about when i'm a relationship

imagine a 20 or 30 year old acting like an id**t and having mad fits what would people think?


Hun, I am 13 and I also have Aspergers Syndrome to!!!
You see, All you need to do is
See yourself the way Others Don't.....They pick on you
Because your DIFFERENT and they are JEALOUS of something you have that they don't ;-)
Plus It happens to me all day everyday at School. And All I do
is say Whatever And back off...
Don't Let yourself down........ Love yourself for who YOU are!
Any other help you need (Such as with Bullies and other stuff) PM me <3