My child has autism-in other words he is ASD-he also has ADHD-he is high functiong, High IQ, but emotionally 2 yrs behind-ie there i nothing wrong with his intellect-he is a disgrace-he is not stupid-far from it-he has cottoned on to the fact that he can be and is highly manipulative to suit his own ends-this isnot the act of an ASD child that cannot make a connection with life-this is a child who is learning to make life work for him in the way he chooses.Parents need to wake up and realise that often the child is far ahead of them in certain areas and you need to work hard to catch up-misplaced sympathy is the provider of the tool that separates the dumb from the smart-again I stress I speak about high functioning ASD -above 32 up to 60 on the scale that is used to determine level of disorder-I divorced his father in order to prepare this child for life by putting him in an environment whereby he would blossom sothat he wold be ready for school-I put him in the correct environment when he was 3 because I knew that without that he would never be ready(to the detriment of my marriage because his father would never accept the truth) for school-STRONG DISCIPLINE IS NEEDED-NO NAMBY PAMBY RUBBISH OTHERWISE HE WILL WALK ALL OVER YOU AND HE WONT GIVE A DAMN!Don't 4get Love either-very important-Listen and learn-and when puberty strikes use the Ritalin LA and the Risperdal-after all its the way to help him/her to get an Education-dont deny the child that chance! I cannot wait for this puberty stage 2 b over,to rid him of all the agression-but I must try to b strong so that my child can have alife!