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I am so glad I stumbled upon this to read everyone's stories . I met my now husband in high school of 2005 when we were juniors . We have been completely un separable ever since . Everything we talked of as young ones we're now doing as young adults . We have been married a year now . My husband told me lets just give either a year to spend more time together , travel , save money etc . Then in that year frame "he" had brought up on his own . Once we get a car we can consider having children . He has lead me on time after time with such cute remarks and hopes of our "little family" in his words . Then totally goes against me when I ask him . I know he would be an outstanding father . He thought I was pregnant awhile back . And he said he was up all night looking at baby cribs and clothes because he had a dream I got pregnant . He couldn't sleep cause he was so concerned excited and worried . It was so cute and heartwarming to see him that way . Come to find out it was just my cycle coming on . So if he did all of that off a false alarm . Why not just take the steps for us to start a family now. he repeatedly says when we're ready , money in the bank , cars , . He paints this massive perfect picture that may not come about that way . He said he wants to be stable and be able to mange . I am 27 now he is 25 he will be 26 next week . I do not want to have a child when I am 30 . My mother also wants to be a grandma so bad it hurts my heart I may not be able to bless her with a grandchild . I cry and think on this everyday I even pray on it . I don't know what else to do or say .


helo,1stly i must congratulate you on your marriage and i must say that the timing was goood(8yrs before considering a marriage)and there is a potential that you marriage will last forever. Okay!Is he aware that you are always sobbing in tears all time?does he know that you are desperatly in need of a child?i'm sure not because i think he is a very carring guy and you are so blessde to have him. So please sit down your husband and calm down,talk about all your worries and i'm sure he will come to his senses and you won't cry again because he is a very loving guy. good luck ke nhe.