Ever since I did a 5k race, i have had this problem. I was really nervous for it and was stressed out a lot. I started running and i felt fine but at the end right before the finish line i threw up ever since then i have had this problem. I have this lump in my throat and a tightness sensation making me want to throw up. I have stomach pains and for a minute or 2 then i feel like i have to fart. My family and doctors think its my nerves but this happens even when im not nervous!!! I was never like this before. I've missed a lot of school because this. I've tried Zantac and it didnt help. Panic attacks run in my family but i get this alot and im not always nervous. I have this feeling like my heart is beating fast. Please help i dont want to keep missing school!!! Please help ASAP !! Thanks!! Ps. Im 12yrs old.