Over the past 6 months or so I have been experiencing weird GI symptoms from heartburn, severe bloating, feeling like my food isn't disgesting and its just sitting under my rib cage. During this time I also had mono and strep throat along with a severe body rash reaction to amoxycillin which was very bad for over two months and I actually still have noticeable pigmentation lingering on all over my body at this point (nearly 5 months later). I blamed my digestive problems on the fact that my body was super busy fighting those problems first that my organs weren't functioning perfectly. Well now that those things are over I am still experiencing lots of issues and the back pain/side ache was so severe at one point I almost went to the ER because it actually hurts to breath or laugh to some extent. I was trying to figure out a trigger food and the only thing I came to was that i had eaten rice on all occasions, but that's a weird trigger food. I feel like its got to be an internal thing because I run a few miles 3-5 days a wweek and never experience any type of cramping. Im a very mindful eater for the most part, I've been dairy free for years due to skin reaction and some minor gi issues. I have a major sweet tooth and easily find myself in phases of sugar addiction. I also crave nuts and nut butters badly, I will eat way too many servings in one sitting even just raw plain nuts... a lot of my friends think its so strange. I recently have limited myself so much to basically eggs, avocado, nuts, some fruits and veggies mostly in smoothie or juice form because this is what it seems my body can handle. I have started seeing an acupunturist (a japanese style) and she has started me on enzymes and magnesuim which has helped a bit and i think that i have been very deficient in magnesium. Any suggestions or advice? Its probably important that i note I have had back pain for almost my whole life from neck to tail bone and into my hips. Suffered from sciatica pain, which has flaired up recently as well. I also was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy about 4 years ago and still no official cause.