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My stomach is full in morning and I feel burning feeling in my stomach And sometimes I feel vommiting.I have suffering from bad breath it related?can someone help me to digonize?I would really appreciate


If you are having big meals right before bed stop, try having dineer at around 6:00pm and have a glass of sparkiling water afterwards. try not to eat at least 3 hours before you go to bed. (=_=)

With the vomitting isssue follow my first tip and try to have breki in the morning within the first hour that you wake up and do not stand up to long or exercise on an empty stomach. Make sure you eat alot of friut, and veg and add some cinnamon, ginger or lemon to your food to speed up matabolism and avoid indigestion.

And to avoid bad breath avoid foods such as garlic and oniuns and have a mint after every meal. You can also try to brush your teeth more than twice a day

Good luck and i hoped this helped

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