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went into the ER 2 days ago and they told me i had a bartholin cyst/abscess. they said i either had the option to drain it of take antibiotics and hope it goes away by itself the Dr said he thought it would be best to drain so that's i done. then immediately after he done it he said, well it wasn't near as bad as i thought. not much to drain ur skin is just very swollen. now its 2 days later and it doesn't feel any different.still swollen and hurts even more now. it it just from the incision or did it come back in 2 days or what? he didn't even tell me how long recovery would be. i was in and out of the e.r. in 3 hours. should i be worried or is it normal to still hurt and be swollen? someone please help. i have checked many sites but none of them talk about the recovery time. I don't wanna go back to the e.r. and give them another 600 dollars. Thank u so much in advance it is deeply appreciated!!


Hi Christina! This is what I want you to do! First get a hand mirror and a light and look at the area - is it still enlarged and can you see where he cut it? After he cut it - did you have any seepage at all - you should have been leaking for several hours after! I truly think that he didn't do it correctly and didn't get to the puss point!

So first lets see if it can be seen and what does it look like! In the mean time get a box of Epsom salts, a bottle of hyrdogen peroxide and a squirt bottle and some panty liners and some gauze wipes I will help you with this OK?