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Yesterday, I went to clinic about my wrinkles. I was considering surgery, so the surgeon shown me before/ after pic of my face. I am really considering it. However, this morning when I woke up I decided to try first non -surgical way. So, I am asking for some advices on how to decrease face wrinkles. Thanks.


Well. If you really want to make your face healthy, naturally, I recommend taking a daily high-grade fish oil supplement. It will make your skin glow, look healthy, thus minimizing tired looks and wrinkles. I personally take one anti-aging product. It feels clean and smooth and the anti-wrinkle serums work magic. It doesn't really matter what product line you are using as long as you are consistently using good products, sun block, wearing sunglasses frequently, taking good supplements, and drinking lots of water. You will see also before/ after effect.


Here is my suggestion:

•Remove all makeup and gently cleanse skin morning and night
•Apply a serum that provides a tightening/smoothing effect
•Generously moisturize; look for thicker/plumper skin
•Take an oral supplement that stimulates the immune system
•Occasionally exfoliate to refresh/stimulate the skin

Here are some other useful tips that are more cosmetic in nature:

•Avoid make-up with pearl particles, which emphasize fine lines
•Aim for a “moist” finish, which can mask the appearance of fine lines
•Use a daily sunscreen on hands and face, even in cold weather

Skin can repair itself to some degree, so avoid causing damage with harsh, drying cleansers and excessive exposure to extreme weather conditions. Look for products that contain an immune-stimulating ingredient to support the production of collagen and elastin.


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