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I AM 13 YEARS OLD AND 202.2 POUNDS AND I HAVE 2 MONTHS BEFORE school starts and i would like to lose 50-60 pounds is there a way to do it



Theres always a way to lose weight.

But it does require A LOT of self-control.

You'll have to start eatting better(not eatting at all doesn't help you lose wieght at all). And you'll have to go running and excersize on your own a lot(everyday, usually twice a day).

Yes, being overwieght is hard and puts lots of overwieght people in a depressed mood....but I promise you, if you stay true to yourself then you can do it, no doubt! This all starts with you

"And if at first you don't suceed, try and try again" Got that from the Princess and the Frog:P

Oh, and don't refer to yourself as "fat"'s such an ugly word...just say "overweight".

Goodluck & Godbless<3



Hi Amanda,

13 is a hard age and feeling uncomfurtable with your body can make it so much worse. I was bigger then my class mates in middle/highschool and it made me so unhappy. I would wear my winter jacket inside school to hide my body even if the heat was blasting. You are not alone! So the first thing that you need to do is put your health first. Losing weight at 13 is much easier then losing weight at 30 for health reasons. I want you to put your health in perspective ok? Obesity causes many issue's even at a young age. You are young and have so much ahead of you, so it's time to change your eating habits and kick up your excercise level. It's truly that simple. Change how you look at food. Ask yourself this; "why do I eat or over eat so much that I am over weight". Is it stress, happieness or unhappiness that brings you and food together? Americans use food to celabrate things as well as to mourn. For example, a father gets a great promotion at work so he takes the family out to have a nice meal. Or lets say a young women and her boyfriend brake up, her friends bring over gallons of Ben and Jerry's ice cream to make her feel better. We all do it at Christmas and Thanksiving too. Plus it's easier to grab a value meal at McDonalds then it is cook. Americans as a whole are over weight. So let's get back to you.

Let's make this simple ok?

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Buy a journal to track your food intake, (do not leave anything out)

                 A: Make a list on the first page of your goals for your weightloss.

                 B: On the second page list your weight as well as your mesurements. (Use any kind of measuring tape for this)

                 C: Each day write in your journal after each meal and after everytime you excercise. (You can also write your thoughts and feelings as well. This will help you big time!)


Step 2: Make sure that your mother/father/caregiver knows that you are changing your eating habbits and ask them to support you in this change.

                  A: Whoever cooks your meals needs to be completly in the loop with what you are doing. This way they can prepare your food with less fats and calories.

                 B: Make a list of fruits and veggies that you know you like and will eat as well as a list of fruits and veggies that you are willing to give a try and give it to the person that goes food shopping and ask them to be buy the foods for you.

                         *If the foods that you want cost more then what is usally speant on food shopping in your home, ask if you can do anything around the house to make up the difference. For example tell them that you will do the dishes after diner. Stuff like that.


Step 3: Cut out fried foods, high fat foods, high suger foods and high calorie foods.

                  A: Instead of friend chicken have baked chicken. You will amazed at what seaoning can do.

                  B: Remember that even fat free foods have high suger content and are still bad for you.

                  C: Not all "low fat" foods are better then their "full fat" conunterparts.

                            *This means that you need to read the lables. Educate yourself about the foods your eating. Some low fat foods are loaded with perservitives and your better off without them.


Step 4: Cut your portions by 1/3.

                 A: Use a smaller dish as well, this way you are "tricking" your brain into thinking that you plate is still full but your eating 1/3 less then you used to.


Step 5: Increase your excerise level by 1/4 for days 1-30 then increase again by another 1/4 for days 31-60. 

                 A: Days 61-90 can be increased by another 1/4.

                 B: By day 90 you should find that you are at a very comfurtable level of excerize and you can stay at there and challange yourself a couple days a week to do more.


Step 6: Watch the weight come off.


I promise that you will see results with this. Eat healthy, natural foods in smaller portains and increase your activity levels. You can choose to walk for 30 min a day at a decent pace and increase the time and or speed for days 31-60 and so on. Once you start to lose the weight and your starting to really see results then you can add some toning excerises daily. This will help to create more muscle and tone up the area's that the most weight has been lost. You can also buy a set of one or two pound weights that you hold as you walk. They also have ones that you can wrap around your ankles. This is best for month #2 and so on.


If you have any questions please let me know. I know this will work for you. It's pure science. By decreasing the amount of calories and fat each day and increase the amount of activity you do, you will drop weight. It may fall off more quickly in the first month, this is known as water weight. After the first month you might see that you are not losing as fast as before, that is why I suggest you increase your activity levels again.

always remember that this has to be a lifestyle change if you want to maintain it. There is no real quick fixs in weight loss and things like diet pills can hurt you. You are still growing in many different ways and the best thing that you can do for you, is to eat healthy and less while you increase your activity levels.

Please let me know after each week how your doing if you don't mind.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you!

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!







thank you that information really help i got a jonral and i have turned my life around


Just remember to write down everything, not just the foods you eat and all that. You can do this and please keep in touch. I'm 26 and remember how it feels to be big in school. I'm here if you need to talk.

Good luck.