hi i want some advice and opinions if possible...first off I do not believe one ounce of the so called modern medical diagnoses and am fairly well read in mineral ratios and whatnot anyway here is the issue...about 3 months ago after weeks and weeks of worsening anxiety,a combination of exhaustion and terrible energy(do likes to call it mania)and this ended with me having severe panic attacks at work...frequent yawning for weeks leading up to it...my legs woud go numb and whatnot....anyways yes i have had so called anxiety issues for years,mainy me fearteeling weaker and weaker and weaker over the years...at age 17 allready was having bad erectile dysfuntion etc etc,i have noticed certain things make it far far worse...i have been trying to eat healthy,in fact thats when it all started to get much worse...i began to increase my potasium intake quite a bit mind you well withing range of safe guidelines,only taking in around 2000 mg a day,i owered my salt considerably anyways i noticed i would often feel tight chested and my heart seemed to race more and more...too this day that seems to be worse.I ended up in the er twice for pani attacks of course being told everything was fine,chest x rays both times...my theory on this is adrenal fatigue with low zinc levels and elevated copper levels,my understanding is that zinc is vital to carry potassium into the calls,i have done a zinc taste test and according to it i am extremely defficient...anyway today i ate 2 avacados and a sweet potatoe for dinner,my heart went nuts...and yep felt dizzy and whatnot and my chest,right side mainly fees a bit tense and tight...can anyone relate to this....please give ideas,my blood pressure has been low in the past like 103/57 or something then recently the other day 107/60 or so,i am very convinced the panic attacks are being driven by this mind you over the last 7 years of my life my stress tolerance has gotten worse and worse and worse...at age 26 6ft and 168 i shouldnt be like this....the psych doctor diagnosed me as rapid cycling bipolar with comorbid panic disorder all in 20 minutes time...this is very sad...ok im all ears