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Dr.s in today's society don't know how to treat depression/anxiety/panic attacks. If the Adrenal gland is pumping out adrenaline that causes such severe panic attacks that make me think about death, why don't they check my adrenal gland or my estrogen, something? I'm sorry but anti depressants are the biggest joke in our society. I've even tried therapy, homeopathy, and exercise. I recently learned that my thyroid is overactive and could be causing panic attacks. There is hope, thanks for reading and get your thyroids and blood pressure checked if you have panic attacks. And STOP eating wheat! Thanks bye. 


Treating psychosis and schizophrenia is worse still. Most anti-depressants work to increase dopamine flow, while antipsychotics which can be prescribed for anxiety do the opposite. The conflicting resumes of a patient may lead a doctor to come to the wrong conclusion, this has certainly happened to me. Eventually I was sick of all the psychosis and depression, and I prayed to God to be able to remove myself from the negative mindset and inhibition from all the pharmacology. I am doing a lot better now, know that there is hope. Be careful if drugs make you feel even worse, I was on antipsychotics or 3 years and shortly after I took myself off I stopped hallucinating which for me was the very thing they were supposed to prevent.