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I have a sandwich for lunch every day, and I generally enjoy my lunches. I do feel a bit concerned about the fact that sandwiches from Subway and places like that contain a high amount of calories, and I am trying to lose a bit of weight. What is the best diet sandwich and why?


You can lose weight by getting sandwiches from Subway. I do it.

However, there are a few mistakes a lot of people make, they assume "oh, Subway is healthy so I'll just go get a foot-long Steak and Cheese and Ranch sauce Sub on Italian Herbs & Spices bread" etc etc.

That is no more healthy than going to McDonald's really.

Follow these 9 EASY steps to get a healthy sandwich/sub from Subway:

1. Make it your only source of bread for the day, cut down the bread, don't have toast for breakfast, then Subway for lunch etc.

2. Have a 6 inch sub, not a foot-long.

3. Get Wheat bread and not the White bread or Italian Herbs & Spices or anything.

4. Get a meat such as Roast/Grilled Chicken.

5. If you want a little bit of Cheese get cheddar, preferably not though, don't worry, you won't even notice it isn't there.

6. Get as many salads as you like on it: Lettuce, Cucumber, Beetroot, Onion, Carrot etc etc.

7. DO NOT GET A SAUCE, this is where most people go wrong at Subway, the sauces are where MOST of the calories and sodium etc are in Subway's sandwiches and you really don't need them, especially for taste with everything else you will have in your Sub.

8. DO NOT GET SALT, adding extra Salt to things will just make them more unhealthy and harder to lose weight.

9. Get Pepper instead of Salt if you like and if you like it get Avocado instead of sauce if you need something like that in there.

If you follow those steps to making your Sub, you will be eating a healthy sandwich suitable for weight loss from Subway :)

PS: Always drink water.