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My recipes looks like this.

Breakfast – oat flakes with some bananas and water mixed in blender, sugar free.

Second meal – 4 eggs ( 4 white eggs and one yellow), with some nonfat white cheese and homemade bread from oat flakes, baked in owen.

Third meal – 150 grams chicken breast meat, potatoes, rice and some salad, such is potatoes.

Fourth meal – Tuna fish from can or fresh, carrot, beans etc, and oats homemade bread.

Fifth meal – Little chicken with some non salt peanuts or almonds.

That is that plan that I will conduct, for my health and my body.

Any other suggestions?  


Hello guys,

this is the recipe for my breakfast. It was fine, but most important is – it is really simple to make.

Healthy pancakes

The most important thing – they are so healthy, low-fat, light and fluffy!  You need – oat flour, sea salt, stevia, 2 eggs, 2 cups of fat free milk and whey protein. Mix all ingredients in a large bowl. Mix it well with spoon until there are no more spots. I think I don’t need to give you instruction on what heat to make pancakes and when they are over. I think you know all that.

Any other recipe for delicious, but healthy pancakes?

Thank you



Hi there,

it's lunch time!

Here comes my recipe!

Chicken breast with spinach

For this meal, you need: ½ spoon of olive oil, 150 g chicken breast, garlic, onion and 100 g spinach. Heat olive oil in a deep fry pan in medium heat. Add chicken. Then, you need to reduce heat. Add some onion, garlic. Cook for three minutes. Return chicken and cook all together, until chicken is cooked. After that, in boil water add spinach and cook for 3 minutes. Serve this meal with oat bread. Drink water or green tea.

This is so delicious and healthy. I really love chicken.

Any other recipe suggestion?