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Hey anyone been refused test strips? I am a type 2 and I am having a time gettin my insurance to cover my test strips.  I don't know if it is Obamacare messing up everything .  Is anyone else having any trouble with getting your test strips?  I can't pay for them.. $82 is a bit out of my budget.  If anything, I won't be taking my sugars for the time being.  I hope that it gets fixed pretty soon.  I don't take my sugars that often but I like to be able to if i need to.  The doctor says he don't have any to give me.  All they have is lancets.  That don't do me no good.  Let me know if you know about this business of test strips not getting paid for.


I am uncertain how to respond to your post. Has your insurance covered your test strips before?  If you have had an insurance in 2013 that covered your test strips and you needed to start with a new insurance starting today, January 1st, you may need to contact your new insurance company about your coverage.  I cannot see why you wouldn't be getting these under their prescription plan.  As far as I know, no insurance can refuse a person with a pre-existing condition, and they would have to provide you service, including filling your test strips as they are needed so you can monitor your blood glucose levels.  This would be a necessary thing to have so that you are aware of any abnormal readings with your blood sugar and can call the doctor if you are having too many highs or lows.

Has anyone else have any problems getting test strips or any other prescriptions since the end of the year?  Was it because your insurance had changed?