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I'm diabetic and I have just realized how expensive blood sugar test strips can be. I'm very new to this and wondering where the best place is to buy test strips? Is it better to buy them at the pharmacy or perhaps the Internet? I really need to find the cheapest but are the cheaper ones any good? Do they have generic test strips or do you have to buy the manufacturers brand? Anyone out there have any good ideas on best place to buy and cheapest in cost. I'd surely like to know. Appreciate any help you can give me.


As you know test strips are a component of your diabetes monitoring system and a necessity. To date, there are no generic test strips. Someone needs to work on that one. The test strips needs to work on the meter they were made for. The problem is each manufacturer makes test strips that go specifically with their meter so a test strip is not compatible with different meters. As far as the cost is concerned, much of the difference in price comes from the fact that some meters actually use less expensive strips. This might have been of concern to you when you bought your meter but perhaps a bit late now. You might consider this when you need to buy a new meter. There are a number of sources for test strips from you local discount store pharmacy, pharmacies and of the course the Internet. Best bet is to surf the web and compare prices on test strip outlets to find the cheapest rate for your particular meter. I find that the Internet works for me as I hate to go to the store. I like to have items delivered to my house. I'm a bit lazy. Hope that helps you and good luck!