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Gee, does anyone know where to find the cheapest test strips & lancets? I'm in my early twenties and not earning much money at this point and the diabetic supplies are so expensive. I had no idea. I'm wondering if I should buy another monitor that uses cheaper test strips but I have no experience with monitors and there are so many different kinds. I have no idea what to buy. Maybe I should stick with the monitor I have and made do. Does anyone have any ideas on this. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks


It seems like a lot of people have problems finding money to pay for their test strips and apparently you're no exception. I've been there too. You know even if you have insurance, you still have a co-pay and even that is expensive. Keep in mind that you can use any lancet with your meter. It's not like the test strips which are specific for your meter. If you're really interested in the best possible buy, you should consider ebay. It seems like ebay has all the different types of lancets and test strips available. And, if there sold out on a given day, just go back the next day and look again. ebay offers huge savings on all the test strips and lancets. It is possible to get a box of 50 test strips for $5 and that just can't be beat. Co-pay insurance can't touch that. If you're not on ebay, it's easy to sign up. It only takes a few minutes and you'll be on your way.


Your idea about replacing your old meter with a newer cheaper meter that has cheaper test strips is a though and certainly doable. However, I think I would go to ebay instead.