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Hi Yall, I've always wondered about used test strips. How do you take care of disposal of used test strips? I know that this is part of medical materials and so I want to make sure I get rid of them properly. So far I have thrown away in the kitchen trash can or in the bathroom. I don't have young children in the house so I wasn't worried about that but still what about in the garbage truck and land fills. Is this still okay? I don't recall my test strips telling me anything about this. Can anyone help me please.


Hello, There's no real problem with throwing away test strips. You can use the packaging they come in and your trash can is fine. If you want to, you can throw them in a container that has a lid that securely fits and throw a whole bunch of them out at one time. The thing you need to worry about is your lancets. For the most part because they are sharps. If you had children in the house who might poke through the trash, you would not want them to stick themselves with a lancet. The lancets need to go into a sharps container. You can buy those plastic contains at the pharmacy for a few bucks if you want. They are a good size and can hold both your lancets and test strips. They have a secure lid that fastens well to keep curious hands away. If you don't want to buy a sharps box then you can use a coffee can with lid or a plastic or glass peanut butter jar if you like. All these things work equally well and keeps prying hands away. It's always best to keep these containers above small hand reach to ensure they don't get into them.