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Hi, need some help. I was wondering if there is a proper way or legally required way to disposing of test strips? It makes me uncomfortable to just throw them away in the trash can. For now, I usually throw them in my kitchen trash can and sometimes in the bathroom. I suppose the test strips are one thing and the lancets would be another. Oh, I have 3 children in the house as well. Is there anything I need to do about that? Does anyone know the best/proper way to do this. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


As far as the lancets go, they are sharps and that is of concern. Test strip disposal is relatively simple.

The sharps should not be placed in a trash can as they can become hazardous particularly if you have children around who tend to get into the trash. There are heavy duty plastic sharp containers (like those used in labs and medical clinics) you can buy at the drug store. They are inexpensive and large enough that they last for months. They have a secure lid on the top that can be tightly sealed. You could keep the sharp container up high on a shelf in your bathroom if you like. Just deposit you lancets and strips in the container. When it's full, simply throw it away. Some people dispose of their test strips by putting them in the wrappers they came in. And, that's fine. If you're not into buying a sharps container you can use a soda can, coffee container or heavy duty plastic jar/bottle that has a lid. A lot of people use those. In fact, both the lancet and test strip can be placed in anyone of these containers. When the container if full, simply throw it away.