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I am a 128lb teenager who recently lost some weight (about 7-10) pounds and sadly now i have no butt. I have pouchy stomach, where I wished the weight would have come from. Everytime I gain weight, it goes to that stomach. Everytime I lose, it comes off my butt. I wish I could at least have a normal butt to fill out pants and shorts, and have a slim nice stomach with smaller hips.

ANY workout/eating tips would help a lot and would be appreciated.

Thank you!


Hey Molly,

I've often noticed that for many people most of the stomach fat comes off last. So if you keep to your healthy diet (and regular exercise I hope?) you'll probably find yourself with a more balanced shape if you know what I mean. :-)

Also, what's your diet look like? Do you eat highly processed carbs, such as white bread, white rice, white sugar? These can cause stomach fat specifically, as can unhealthy fats such as hydrogenated vegetable oil which is found in many packaged foods!


Joseph Cole