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Hello all!

I am currently 18 years of age and am getting concerned with my body. I am 6ft 2in, I have a deep voice, I have pubic hair, not a whole lot but it's noticeable, I can ejaculate but its not much and it's clear. What I don't have is a regular size penis, when erect my penis is 4 inches on a good day and ridiculously small like 9 year old small when flaccid, and it still looks like a little kids, I'm not sure if its because my parents didn't  me. I also don't really have any hair on my body besides my legs (and pubic hair of course). I can not really develop any muscle growth and I have tried, I play two sports Hockey and Lacrosse, both physically demanding. I also have a baby face ( I'm not sure if this has anything to do with puberty but its very round and soft). I have quite a bit of belly fat and I cant seem to get rid of it. 

Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated, I would like to start dating or at least do more activities but I am very embarrassed about my lack of manly qualities and my body, so I tend to not hangout with friends or  pursue any kind of relationship.    



When I say my parents didn't me it was supposed to say circumcise me.



Hi Ron,

You can continue to develop into your early 20's. 

Belly fat can make your penis appear small too.

Don't focus so much on the size of your penis.  It really is what you do with it that matters.  A long penis can cause women pain.  Besides, any women that you are close enough to, to have sex, shouldn't be making any comments about your body or your size.  You wouldn't make any comments about her now would you?

You could see your doctor for a full physical exam if you chose.  You may just be a "late bloomer."

Hope it helps.