Hi all two months ago I found some bumps on my scrotum which were like grey colour. I went to a dermi and he said that they were some common warts nothing to do with STDs. He removed it with an electric surgery. After that i read on the internet that warts are STDS especially if on genitals. So i went to another dermi to confirm. He said it was angiokeratoma. When i examined them closely I noticed that these little bumps were all attached to the veins on my scrotum every single one of them which made me also think they were angiokeratoma. But for my piece of mind I got a skin biopsy..heres what it said...section show a very tiny fragment of epidermis and seperate dermal tissue fragment with loose fibrous tissue and few smooth muscle bundles. Occasional vascular spaces are seen.
This was the microscopic examination. Can someone tell me if this shows that they are not warts.