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I just started the Pill 11 days ago. I began the pills on the second day of my period, which was also a Sunday (that's correct for a Sunday starter, right?)
In the instructions, it says you can have unprotected sex after day 7. Is this advised? I've heard many different things and am now confused. When is it ok for me to safely begin having unprotected sex?


Its difficult because you didnt take the first pill on the first day of your cycle like you were supposed to,

it's best to wait a full cycle before having unprotected sex.

leaflets say its ok from the first pill. but you won't know if the pill is working them, its good to leave it a cycle so you can tell that the pill is doing its job properly.

I was on the pill for six months before I went to the doctors because it wasn't working. the dose wasn't high enough for me and I was still ovulating. If I had had unprotected sex in those six months I would have still been ovulating every month!!!

Bottom line: Don't have unprotected sex on the pill until you know it is working.