I had a medical abortion on January 7. I was about 5 weeks pregnant at the time. I did my follow up and was told everything had worked properly and that there were some blood clots that still needed to be passed.  It is now almost one month later and I am still bleeding. Last week I had what I thought was a period, which then trickled to spotting and then stopped. Two days later, on Saturday, I had sex with my fiance for the first time after the abortion and I began to bleed heavily.  I am now discharging dark tissue (not blood) and I am a little concerned.  I am 24 years old and physically fit in good health. I do suffer from low blood pressure and I was told that I was borderline anemic when I went in for the abortion. I am not sure if either of those play a role.  I would like to know if this is normal or something more serious.