I had my gall bladder out in November. My doctors and blood work say I have healed fabulously.  Ha!  I am still having the same pain symptoms under my center to left upper quadrant.  It doesnt go to my shoulder like before, but it is a constant pain into my back and causes nausea. The doctors say it could be my muscles healing or to try an antacid or Metamucil.  My surgeon says I am overweight and could stand to lose weight.  I agree, but the cocktail of medications I take daily for a TIA I had a few years ago make it hard, and part of it is in me.  I have been watching what I eat and even having toast is upsetting.  Any ideas?  I am turning 40 this year. 

I fee like my doctors are kind of giving me the “oh boy, it’s her again.  If she would just lose weight she would be fine.”  Maybe so, but I know my body and something isn’t right.