I'm currently being treated for UTI, taking CIPROFLOXACIN HCL Antibiotic Medicines to cure it. My period is supposed to be for this week (although, I am often irregular) and for the past couple days I've been feeling weird things.
My lower abdominal area, or bladder area (just around there I guess) has been feeling kind of fluttery. I have this idea that something in there is detached and bouncing around (haha I know, silly). It just feels like that :l Well lately, I've been eating a bag of baby carrots each day and so I've been able to go poo everyday (Before I used to go about once or twice every 1-2 weeks), however I noticed that everytime I poo now for the past few days, there is blood coming from my vagina with discharge. First it was light pinkish, and then today it was just more brown mixed in with discharge.
I'm kind of worried and extremely scared because I do not know what is going on.
I tested for Pregnancy with a $20 tester and it came out negative so I think I'm not pregnant (I hope I'm not either -_- )

Help please?!