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My periods have always been regular and over the last three or four months they have come 3 days or more earler then they are supost to and they are heavy right away and lots of clots, this has me very worried because they haven't ever changed so much before.


This is really nothing to worry about. I get that all the time. My periods are pretty regular but they may occur a 1-3 days earlier or later. Most of the periods are heavier at the beginning. They are usually heavy for the first 1-3 days, and then the blood amount decreases. The clots are present because the flow is fast and there is a lot of blood and your anticoagulants that usually “thin” the blood don’t have the time to do so, or are not produced enough, so they don’t make it in time and you get to expel clots.
This is nothing to worry about and perfectly normal.

Only if your clots become extremely big and your periods extremely heavy with a lot of blood loss, then you should see a gynecologist.

Otherwise, you are just fine.