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Hi, im 20 and just found oit i am pregnant a couple days ago. The day i found out and a the day after i had brown discharge. The next day i had a few blood clots and it really scared me. Today everytime i use the restroom i have blood when i wipe but no clots. Im really worried and i dont want to lose my baby. Has anyone had a positive outcome when they havr had this?


I'm actually looking for the same answer as you! I found out i was pregnant about 2 weeks ago and on the 31st i had serious cramping and i passed a clot of blood and spotted for about three hours and it was a dark brown color, i have a two year old and when i was pregnant with him i had placenta previa. i went to my ob today to get a positive result and she said it was fine and that i was definitely 7 wks pregnant. i would schedule a drs appt and get a test done at your regular doctor if you havent already thats really the easiest way to find out, and the only way to really put your mind at ease!