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I am a male, 16 and am a virgin.
I have no idea what these sores are, but they start as little red dots and the skin on them begins to peel away and they become larger.
I first noticed one about two weeks ago, now that first one is a little larger than a square inch in area, but not very dark red, noticeable or scabbed over like the newer ones. They spread over the week from the area where it first started (between my right leg and my scrotum) to my leg close to me genitals. None are actually on my genitals, and they mostly happen outside of my pubic hair, with maybe one or two inside the hair. They are limited to where my underwear touch, are only on the front and keep multiplying. There are about 16 that have made my skin peel, and about 17 red dots where I can see they are going to start.One even happened on the side of my torso about 4-6 inches from my right nipple. They are basically just skin peeling, they don't stick out or anything, but they are red and kind of scab over. I think they get bigger as a result of my scratching them, but I do it without noticing.
I originally thought they were a result of shaving, but I don't think so anymore, as they are happening where I don't shave. I have not had sex, so I don't think it's and STD. Could they be from my underwear not being washed properly (eg. too much detergent, etc.)? I don't really want to go to the doctor or tell my parents, but I will if it could be serious.
Please help, I was planning to have sexual relations in a few weeks, but I don't want her to think I have an STD when I pull down my pants.



Not everything can be diagnosed over the internet with 100% accuracy, if at all. There are lots of reasons as to why someone may develop red dots. It could be a form of dermatis. This could be triggered by using a different soap, different laundry detergent, or even just from changes in the environment. It is hard to say.

So yes, it could be do to your underwear not being washed properly.

Another thought just came to mind, there has been a lot of problems with bed bugs in the news lately. Is that a possibility?

If it continues, tell your parents and see your doctor. It is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Hope it helps.


I just read actually another topic here where one person has the same thing, that was due to a fungus from not washing gym equipment. I have played 3 soccer games in the same shorts and I think that might be the cause. I am going to try the over the counter cream they said worked for them.