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please take the time to read this. anyone information I sincerely appreciate. thank you.

I had unprotected sex on december 10th 2010 with someone who I thought was clean but we never truly know. I shaved my pubic area on the 7th/8th of december. knowing the way that I shave I probably cut myself somewhere there. After the sex I cleaned myself but not as well as I should have. I then went to bed. I woke up the next day and had a burning sensation on the tip of my penis and when I would go to the bathroom I would urinate cloudy urine and the urine I have been urinating lately seems off. its much darker than usual. pretty much all of the time. I haven't been taking all that good care of my pubic area since this happened. I will shower here and there but I could do a better job. I have masturbated a lot throughout this time and have developed...not a rash...its just small little dots that are the colour of my penis but you can clearly see they are there. I can feel it too. I've had 1 or 2 tiny red spots that appear when I masturbate too rough. they go away after a day or 2. If it gets red from masturbating, it goes away quickly. also I had one pimple on the middle of my penis but it went away in like a day or 2.

all I still have is the little spots that are scattered around the base of my penis...but on the sides of it.they look like the dots I have on my testicles that I have always had. they do not get red or fill with water. I have no blisters or ulcers. I have had these small for well over a month now. It doesn't hurt at all. but I can feel something is there for some reason. or ive just built it in my head. I know something is there because it just doesn't feel right. I maybe have had a little bit of pain urinating the first day or 2 after the sex (which didn't last more than 5 minutes) but after that. no pain at all. I can feel it there though although it doesn't cause me any pain. when I masturbate excessively I can see some red cuts or tearage of the skin...probably not a word but the spreading of the rough masturbating is probably causing this. it goes away right away.

I have had no flu like symptoms or fever or anything of the sort. my cleanliness hasn't been that good because this had made me very depressed. I have seen nothing on the tip of my penis at all.

Any help or info from anyone is very much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear some replies soon.

p.s. also I noticed this...when my pubic hair was growing back from shaving in the area that I am having this problem (the base of my penis on the right) right near the pubic hairs. the pubic hair that has grown back has looked really weird...just the way it was forming and growing...didn't look like the other side at all. now I can't notice a difference but when it starting growing back there was a big difference.


Hi! I'm not a doctor, but I read about std symptoms on the internet. You don't have fever, headache, or muscle aches? Do you feel pain when urinating? Maybe you should try reading this I hope this helps.