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Hey there. My friend’s kid  jumped into swimming pool yesterday. No one knows why she did this – probably to have attention on her sister’s birthday. She can’t swim and tnx God they saw this very soon. They took her out of the pool and they took her to the doctor just in case.

But, they found out that she is having some other problems and she was in the hospital whole night. Today, they did some analyses and they told her parents that she has leaking pulmonary valve.

It is a tragedy because that kid is only 14 years old.

How dangerous is leaking pulmonary valve?


Good day everyone.

You have no idea how sorry I am because of this. She is very young and it is not fair that this happens to her.

A leaking pulmonary valve can be serious, dangerous and problematic if it is severe. The pulmonary valve begins to allow very significant amounts of the blood to leak into the heart. Then, the heart’s right pumping chamber must began to work harder than usual to pump more blood than usual.

Well, the more blood the valve allows to back into the heart the more work of right ventricle must do.

It needs to be controlled.



Hey there.

It is definitely dangerous for a kid. There are so many reasons why this can be very dangerous, and I really do believe that this doctor knows what he is doing.

Now I am pretty sure that this kid was born with a heart condition that requires the surgery before to repair the pulmonary valve and I believe that they accidentally found this out.

I still do believe that this kid needs to go to the surgery because a properly functioning pulmonary valve keeps blood flowing from the heart’s lower right pumping chamber into the pulmonary artery and lungs.



Good day everyone. I really don’t want to scare you but it is dangerous. It can lead to a bicuspid aortic valve which means that valve has two flaps instead of normal three. This will stop your heart to work properly. Also, it can cause very high blood pressure or even the hypertension.

My friend (he was 41 years old when this happened to him) got an infection of the heart valve and he is really sick since then.

It is very important to consult the cardiologist and the doctor as well to see what next steps are.  

How is he doing now?



Hey guys.

It depends on case. But the prognosis for children with this condition has very improved in the last couple of years. Not years, decades and that is why I really hope that everything is going to be OK with this kid. But I believe that surgery is needed. Well, during surgical repair the hole is closed with patch and the narrowing from diseases pulmonary valve is removed.

After the surgery that kid needs to have proper treatment, and the doctor will tell them what is the best.

Tell them that they need to be focused because everything is going to be ok.